Live painting at Reggae Rise up

Participation of the graffiti artist Bublegumsr in the Reggae Rise Up Florida

It's always a pleasure to visit Florida and even more if it's to paint live at Reggae Rise Up. A festival with unbeatable good vibes and many talented artists.


Origins of Bubblegumsr

Bublegumsr began his artistic career on the streets, where he became familiar with the art of graffiti and developed his own unique style. Over time, his murals and artwork have gained recognition both locally and internationally.

Bublegumsr is a talented street artist of Spanish origin, known for his innovative and colorful graffiti art. Bublegumsr has managed to capture the attention of the global art scene thanks to his unique style and his passion for street art. The work of the renowned graffiti artist has captured the attention of both critics and the general public. With a unique style and an innovative approach, he has managed to capture his artistic vision in different spaces around the world.

Style and technique

Bublegumsr's art is characterized by his innovative approach and his ability to combine realistic portraits with elements of graffiti to add an innovative touch. His pieces capture the attention and evoke emotions in the viewer.



Reggae Rise Up Florida is a musical and cultural event that is held annually in St. Petersburg, in the state of Florida, United States. This festival seeks to promote diversity and inclusion through reggae music and the different artistic and cultural manifestations that accompany it.

Festival history

Reggae Rise Up Florida is an annual festival celebrating Reggae music and culture. Since its creation, the event has been a meeting point for Reggae lovers, who enjoy live music, food, and activities related to this vibrant culture.

Lineup and artists

It is a multicultural festival that celebrates reggae culture and its influence on society. Since its first edition in 2014, the event has attracted thousands of fans and artists from around the world, including big names in the genre such as Damian Marley, Stephen Marley and SOJA.

The 2023 edition of Reggae Rise Up Florida promised to be just as exciting and it has delivered, with a lineup that includes established reggae artists, as well as new promises of the genre and artists from other branches of the art, such as Bublegumsr.

Activities and experiences

Reggae culture is known for its message of love, peace, and unity. The Reggae Rise Up Florida festival seeks to promote these values, creating an environment in which everyone can enjoy and learn about Reggae and its history.

In addition to music, Reggae Rise Up Florida offers a wide range of activities and experiences for attendees, including workshops, art exhibits, and networking opportunities.



Bublegumsr's style is characterized by the use of bright and contrasting colors that capture the viewer's attention. This was especially evident in his creations during Reggae Rise Up Florida, where he used a vibrant color palette to represent the energy and diversity of the festival.







Live Mural Creation is being used more and more at events as it entertains visitors watching the creation of a piece of art from scratch. In addition, it becomes a unique and different photocall.

Bublegum has experience in this aspect, having done Live Painting at events such as Cruilla, the Barcelona Tattoo convention, Baum Fest, Viladecans Park Fest and La Mercé among others.




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