New York Travel - FX and Tats world peace mural

For those who don't know him, Per was one of the promoters of graffiti in New York and his legacy has inspired artists from all over the world.
He was the founder of FX one of the most important crews and for me it is an honor to be part of it. In December they invited me to join and it seemed perfect to take advantage of my trip to the United States to meet them.
Per was organizing a wall for world peace where Fx, Tats and some guests would get together, it was going to be an important event.
At the beginning of the week of the event I was with Per and Blame thinking ideas for the wall. For me it was a shock that two days later he had passed away. Obviously everything was very emotional and sadly the event was a tribute to his life and legacy.
For me it was an honor and a great responsibility to make his portrait. I was surrounded at all times by Fx and Tats, they made me feel like family. Receiving the gratitude of Per's family was one of the most emotional things that has ever happened to me.
It was amazing meeting the graffiti legends and sharing a wall with them. It was also a very special spot since it was where the mythical FX production of the apocalyptic statue of liberty was located, a wall that marked several generations. I never would have imagined being able to paint there.
Participating artists: Bio, BG, Blame, Ces, Cekis, Crash, Ske, Nicer, Hex, Daze, Hez, Cenz, Ovie, Rast, Andre and Soze.

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