Pau Gasol Mural by Bublegum in Sant Boi


In the world of art and sports, sometimes great figures and historical moments are honored. This time the renowned artist Bublegumsr has created a spectacular graffiti mural in honor of basketball legend Pau Gasol and the retirement of his LA Lakers number 16 jersey. This incredible tribute is located in Sant Boi, the hometown of Pau Gasol. Do you want to know more about this exciting tribute? Keep reading!




Artistic trajectory

Bublegumsr is a talented urban artist who has made his mark in the world of graffiti thanks to his skills and creativity. Throughout his career, he has produced numerous murals that stand out both for his style and his ability to convey deep messages and emotions through his works.

Style and technique

Bublegumsr's style is characterized by the use of vibrant colors and dynamic compositions that capture the viewer's attention. His works often combine figurative elements with abstractions, creating powerful and memorable images.



NBA achievements

Pau Gasol is one of the most successful Spanish athletes in NBA history. Throughout his career, he has won two championships with the LA Lakers and has been selected to the All-Star Game six times, among other accomplishments. In addition, he has been an important pillar in the Spanish basketball team, with which he has won numerous medals.

Removal of the jersey 16

Pau Gasol's recognition in the NBA reached a high point with the retirement of his number 16 jersey by the LA Lakers in 2022. This honor is a sign of the respect and admiration that the league and the team feel for the trajectory and legacy from him.

Personal life and connection with Sant Boi

Pau Gasol was born and grew up in Sant Boi de Llobregat, a city near Barcelona. From a young age, he showed great interest and talent in basketball, which led him to join the FC Barcelona youth team before making the leap to the NBA. Despite his international success, Gasol has always maintained a close relationship with his hometown and its inhabitants.



Inauguration of the mural and project collaborators

As of today, a giant mural with the portrait of Pau Gasol adorns the façade of the Duet Sports Pau Gasol Sant Boi, the sports center that bears his name. This action has been promoted by Banco Santander in collaboration with the Sant Boi City Council and the Pau Gasol Foundation. The mayoress of Sant Boi, Lluïsa Moret, together with Banco Santander's Director of Institutions for Catalonia, Xavier Cañado Fernández, inaugurated the mural in an act that brought together all the parties involved in the Banco Santander project.

Location and dimensions of the mural

The impressive mural, 25 meters wide by 5 meters high, is located on the upper flank of the Duet Sports Pau Gasol Sant Boi façade, an emblematic place that is highly visited by basketball and sports fans in general. The choice of this location is a symbol of the pride felt by the community of Sant Boi for Pau Gasol and his achievements in basketball.

Creative process and details of the mural

The creative process of the mural was carried out with meticulousness and dedication by Bublegumsr, who used various graffiti and painting techniques to capture the essence of Pau Gasol and his legacy in basketball. The artist worked for several days on the project, taking care of every detail to achieve a surprising and emotional final result. The mural portrays the young face of a Gasol in his beginnings and another of the current and established one, next to number 16.

Banco Santander and its collaboration with Pau Gasol

Banco Santander collaborates with Pau Gasol through the Pau Gasol Academy by Santander and the Gasol Foundation, and in numerous other actions to support and promote children's sports and the integration of people with disabilities in collaboration with Special Olympics. In addition, the bank shows its commitment to sport also in football since the start of LaLiga Genuine Santander, as well as in tennis through the Rafa Nadal Foundation and the Rafa Nadal Tour by Santander.









Other featured sports murals

The Bublegumsr mural in tribute to Pau Gasol is not the only example of how graffiti art and sport can come together to pay tribute to great figures and historical moments. Throughout the world, murals celebrate sports legends such as Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Serena Williams and Michael Jordan, among others, demonstrating that art and sport have the power to connect people and convey messages of inspiration, overcoming and unity.


In summary...

Bublegumsr's graffiti mural in honor of Pau Gasol and the removal of his 16 LA Lakers jersey in Sant Boi is a perfect example of how art and sport can come together to pay tribute to the figures and moments that mark history. This impressive work of art not only celebrates the successful career of Pau Gasol and his legacy in basketball, but is also a symbol of pride and inspiration for the Sant Boi community and sports lovers in general.

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