“URBAN OASIS”: New Limited Edition Print

We are excited to introduce “Urban Oasis," the new painting by Bublegum. This captivating painting exemplifies Bublegum's artistic style, combining elements of graffiti and photorealism to create a visually stunning composition. Now available in 2 limited editions, printed on paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm and signed and numbered by Bublegum. Discover the details behind “Urban Oasis”


Bublegum's journey as an artist began at the age of 16 when he immersed himself in the world of hiphop culture and discovered his passion for writing on walls. With a self-taught approach, he honed his skills over the years, drawing inspiration not only from graffiti but also from disciplines such as tattoo art. This fusion of influences led Bublegum to become a versatile artist with an portfolio of murals across the globe and artwork showcased in international galleries.

Bublegum Art Style

His creative approach is a captivating amalgamation of photorealism and graffiti elements. His signature works feature female portraits and nature elements, which he approaches with a remarkable softness and attention to detail.

One of the defining characteristics of Bublegum's art is the way he seamlessly blends the precision of photorealism with the dynamic energy of graffiti. 



The Original Painting

Bublegum's background in graffiti shines through in this painting, as he skillfully incorporates various graffiti elements to add movement and depth. The presence of letters, drips, and tags within the artwork enhances its urban aesthetic and serves as a reminder of his roots in the graffiti scene. The deliberate juxtaposition of the refined portrait with these edgy elements creates a visually striking composition.

Color Palette:

The color palette of dark tones and browns with hints of red and orange adds warmth and intensity to the painting. Bublegum's careful selection and application of colors evoke an emotional responses from viewers. Light plays a pivotal role in Bublegum's compositions, breathing life into his subjects and adding a touch of drama. In the featured painting, the interplay of light and shadow accentuates the woman's features, adding depth and dimension to the overall piece.

Painting Technique:

Bublegum's artistic technique encompasses a diverse range of mediums, including spray paint, acrylic paint, and markers. His mastery of these tools allows him to achieve the intricate details and vibrant colors that define his artwork. By skillfully combining these materials, Bublegum creates a harmonious balance between the controlled precision of photorealism and the expressive spontaneity of graffiti.




Printing Process

To ensure the highest quality reproduction of his artwork, Bublegum collaborates with local printers who specialize in fine art printing. The process begins with a meticulous scanning of the original painting, capturing every brushstroke and texture. The choice of paper plays a crucial role in the final print, and Bublegum opts for the renowned Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm is revered as one of the world's most popular papers for fine art inkjet prints. This white, cotton-based paper is specifically designed for artistic work, offering a delightful and soft tactile experience. Its subtly pronounced felt structure adds a three-dimensional quality and impressive depth to the printed images.

The premium matte inkjet coating of the paper ensures extraordinary results, boasting brilliant colors, deep blacks, captivating contrasts, and impeccable reproduction of intricate details. Furthermore, the acid and lignin-free composition of Photo Rag meets the highest standards for age resistance, making it particularly suitable for fine art applications.

Whether utilized for fine art photography or the reproduction of Bublegum's original works, Photo Rag proves to be an incredibly versatile fine art inkjet paper. Its combination of structure, print quality, and substantial thickness allows the printed images to come to life, faithfully representing the artist's vision and ensuring an exceptional visual experience for art enthusiasts.

By collaborating with expert printers and utilizing top-tier materials like Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm, Bublegum ensures that his artworks maintain their integrity, capturing the essence and beauty of his original creations while offering art lovers the opportunity to own stunning, high-quality reproductions.

Limited Edition Prints: Collector’s and Regular Editions

In addition to the Regular Edition in A3 format, Bublegum has released a Collector's Edition in A1 size. These limited edition prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, ensuring their value and provenance.

The normal edition, available in A3 size, presents art enthusiasts with the opportunity to own a faithful reproduction of Bublegum's artwork. Each print in this edition is meticulously signed and numbered by hand by the artist, adding a personal touch and guaranteeing its authenticity. This edition allows a broader audience to experience and appreciate the artist's work.

For collectors seeking an even more exclusive and unique piece, the collector's edition in A1 size is a true gem. Limited to only 10 units, this edition offers an exceptional opportunity to own a work of art. Each print in the collector's edition is not only signed and numbered by hand but is also meticulously hand-painted by Bublegum himself.

The hand-painting process undertaken by the artist elevates the collector's edition to unparalleled heights, making it an extraordinary and highly sought-after piece. The intimate involvement of Bublegum in the creation of each print ensures that every collector's edition is a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The exclusivity of this edition, coupled with the artist's personal touch, adds immeasurable value and enhances the overall appreciation of the artwork.

Collectors who acquire the limited collector's edition not only secure a remarkable piece of Bublegum's art but also become part of an exclusive group who own one of only ten such prints in existence. This rarity and uniqueness make the collector's edition a highly prized possession, treasured by art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Whether one chooses the normal edition or the collector's edition, each print carries the essence of Bublegum's artistry and vision. With their signed certificates of authenticity and meticulously crafted reproductions, these limited edition prints allow admirers of Bublegum's work to bring a piece of his captivating art into their homes while possessing a special and valuable item that adds depth to any art collection.


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