Blockparty Strasbourg: An Encounter of Art and Urban Culture

The season of urban art festivals has begun. In March, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Tampa and participate in Reggae Rise Up, where I could paint live and immerse myself in the vibrant reggae scene.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of traveling to Strasbourg for the first time. I was invited to take part in Block Party, an event organized by Jaek el Diablo, where artists from all over the world gathered to share their creativity.

For this special occasion, I decided to paint a skull, an element that I have always enjoyed drawing because I find the play of light and shadow that forms on its surface fascinating, creating a sense of mystery and depth with each stroke.


In the world of art, skulls have been a powerful and recurring reference. Their presence evokes a mixture of fascination, intrigue, and symbolism in various cultures and artistic movements. Throughout history, skulls have been depicted in paintings and sculptures.

One of the most captivating aspects of skulls is the play of light and shadow that forms on their surface. The textures and bony structures allow for the creation of intriguing contrasts, where dark tones and glimmers of light come to life in every detail. This visual interplay not only creates a striking aesthetic effect but also conveys a sense of depth and mystery.

In addition to their visual appeal, skulls hold profound symbolic meanings. They are often associated with death and the transience of life, reminding us of the fragility of our existence. However, they can also represent a reminder to celebrate life and live fully, as death itself is a reminder of the precious brevity of each moment.

As an urban artist, skulls have become a constant reference in my artistic repertoire. Through spray paint, I seek to capture the essence of these iconic figures, exploring the play of light and shadow to bring my creations to life.



I consider myself fortunate to be invited to urban art festivals like Blockparty Strasbourg. These events not only allow me to showcase my artwork but also provide me with the opportunity to travel and connect with artists from different parts of the world, each with their unique styles and perspectives.

Strasbourg is the picturesque city where Blockparty took place. The city boasts an impressive cathedral, a marvel with intricate details, and its streets are influenced by both French and German cultures.

One key aspect of these events is the welcoming and fun-loving graffiti community. It is a pleasure to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who appreciate this way of life and share the same passion.

For my contribution to Blockparty Strasbourg, I decided to create a piece within my "BubleSkull" series. For this occasion, I used a reference that I personally captured, where light illuminates the skull from within. I fused it with 3D letters that add movement and complete the final vision.


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