• Chaos & Beauty

    Explore the story behind my mural in my Montreal, depicting an apocalyptic scene permeated with beauty, animals and chaos.
  • Poison Ivy

    Discover the inspiration behind my new mural in an idyllic location.
  • Little Update

    After a brief hiatus from my blog due to an intense focus on various projects, I'm thrilled to share a recap of my recent artistic journey.
  • Grafftech festival

    Discover the mural that Bublegum painted in La Bisbal del Penedés, Catalonia.
  • La mort en rose

    Discover the new Bublegum mural in the UK
  • Art on Train Festival

    Discover Bublegum's experience painting a prison train in France
  • Cheltenham Paint Festival 

    Discover the stunning mural that Bublegum painted in Cheltenham
  • The princess and the frog

    I present to you my new mural made for the Shake Art in Saint-Brieuc festival. Discover its meaning
  • Blockparty Strasbourg: An Encounter of Art and Urban Culture

    The urban art festival season has kicked off, and I've been fortunate to embark on exciting adventures. I had the pleasure of traveling to Strasbourg for the first time to join Block Party where artists from around the globe came together to unleash their creativity. Embracing the occasion, I chose to paint a skull a subject that has always captivated me with its interplay of light and shadow.

  • “URBAN OASIS”: New Limited Edition Print

    Introducing the captivating essence of "Urban Oasis"  a limited edition print that transcends boundaries and redefines the perception of urban beauty. 
  • The beginnings of Bublegum in graffiti art

    Discover the roots of Bublegum who embarked on his journey of mural painting in 2004 in his hometown of Lugo. With an unwavering passion for graffiti, his remarkable abilities to transform city walls soon garnered widespread recognition. Eager to explore new artistic avenues, Bublegum moved to Barcelona, a thriving metropolis that provided him with the ideal platform to cultivate his unique style. 
  • Tangie Dreams: The use of light by Bublegumsr

    Lighting has always been a fundamental part of art. Discover the use that Bublegum gives to the light of fire in his artworks.