The Evolution of My Ornamental Style


Ornaments have always captivated my imagination, due to the influence of tattoo art on my artistic style. For years, I have woven ornamental elements into my work, but it wasn't until 2020 that I truly began to explore and develop this concept in depth.

Digital Illustrations

My journey into the ornamental style truly blossomed through digital illustrations. You might remember "Ornamental Ocelot," a design I launched four years ago that was very successful and that many of you loved.

This success propelled me to experiment further, incorporating other animals, portraits, and diverse subjects into my repertoire. Digital mediums allow for an infinite level of detail, and I find immense joy in crafting each intricate piece.

Ocelote-25x25 Introducing-RED-FIGHTER-ICE-CREAM-ROSE-prints-Available-at-bublegumsr-com-link-in-bio-Finally-I-have IMG-5991-jpg



In 2023, I ventured into large-format murals, bringing my ornamental style to expansive public spaces. This transition was exhilarating, and the results have far surpassed my expectations, transforming urban landscapes with elaborate, decorative designs.

My first approach was during the Blanes Urban Fest where I was inspired by a caracal, later this year in my mural Chaos and Beauty in Montreal and in Ornamental Ocelot recently in Cheste.

Organic-elements-are-always-present-in-my-work-Some-detail-pics-art-streetarteveryday-graffitis-flow IMG-6996-2 Bublegum-cheste



At the beginning of this year, I created "Ornamental Swan" for Known Gallery's Ampersand Show. Each medium offers a unique experience, and I relish the process of adapting my ornamental style across different formats. The tactile nature of painting adds another layer of depth and engagement to my work.



This ornamental style has opened a new, exciting path for my artistic journey. It is a dynamic and evolving exploration that I am eager to continue, pushing the boundaries of creativity and ornamentation.

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