Poison Ivy


In my latest mural, I delved into my unique interpretation of Gotham City's iconic character. Choosing the wall as a canvas is essential, and being immersed in the midst of natural beauty enhances my creativity, allowing me to fuse the distinctive elements of the environment into my artistic expression.


Creative process

My creative process usually starts with a realistic image, I tried to test the AI but it still doesn't convince me because it keeps making a lot of mistakes that aren’t the best for realism.

Once I have a chosen reference image I start creating in Procreate, definitely learning how to use this tool has been a radical life change since designing is much faster and it is easy to try and eliminate things. At first I was not sure whether to integrate any animals into the design but finally I decided to use 3D parts of my letters and elements of nature that blend with the environment.




Many of you ask me what caps I use, I think that isn’t as important as the way I use them. But for those who want to try practically, I use the yellow universal cap from Montana Colors.

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