Zurik x Buble

Collaborating alongside other artists is something I've always enjoyed, especially when working with someone as talented as Zurik. This isn't the first time we've worked together on a mural. I remind you that in 2022, we created this stunning mural with dope colors.


This time, we both worked on a captivating female portrait and graffiti letters. I enjoy seeing the final result, each with our very distinct and different styles! Breaking away from my typical color palette, dominated by oranges and deep reds, was a refreshing challenge. Instead, we opted for a palette of grays complemented by hints of yellow, intertwined with skin tones to produce a visually stunning result.

IMG-1670 20240505-153737 20240505-153322 20240505-152733 20240505-154931

The mural is located in Sabadell, the hometown of Treze, an icon in the urban art scene and an extraordinary artist who sadly passed away years ago. It's an honor for me to paint near his pieces alongside other great artists. I hope you liked the outcome!


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