Bublegum is an artist in constant transformation, over the years he has been trying different techniques that have influenced his current style. In contrast to his murals which are spray-painted, fast-acting and occasionally ephemeral, his studio works are a more detailed and in-depth process.
Bublegum's canvas have been exhibited in galleries throughout the world. He balances his time between studio work and graffiti pieces. His artworks have found home in the USA and Europe, if you are interested in obtaining a unique piece of art write to

"Urban Oasis" | 90x60cm  |2023 | 
"Adriana" | 100x100cm |2022 | Goldshteyn saatort gallery, Paris

"Inside the root" | 80x80cm |2022 | Akutiga, Bordeaux

"Friendly Fire" | 50x50cm |2022 | Gravity, Paris

"Tlaloc" | 100x100cm |2022 | Private Collector, USA

"Kobe" | 120x80cm |2021 | Private Collector, Spain

"Sweet Morning" | 100x100cm |2020 | Aurum Gallery, Bangkok

"Bublelicious" | 100x100cm |2020 | Aurum Gallery, Bangkok