• Ornamental Ocelot

    Discover my contribution to the Cheste heritage mural.
  • Little Update

    After a brief hiatus from my blog due to an intense focus on various projects, I'm thrilled to share a recap of my recent artistic journey.
  • La mort en rose

    Discover the new Bublegum mural in the UK
  • Cheltenham Paint Festival 

    Discover the stunning mural that Bublegum painted in Cheltenham
  • Blockparty Strasbourg: An Encounter of Art and Urban Culture

    The urban art festival season has kicked off, and I've been fortunate to embark on exciting adventures. I had the pleasure of traveling to Strasbourg for the first time to join Block Party where artists from around the globe came together to unleash their creativity. Embracing the occasion, I chose to paint a skull a subject that has always captivated me with its interplay of light and shadow.

  • Live painting at Reggae Rise up

    Participation of the graffiti artist Bublegumsr in the Reggae Rise Up Florida

  • Full moon in houston

    Bublegum Travels to Houston to Paint at the Big Walls Big Dreams Festival
  • MX Arts Tour

    My new mural in green French Brittany
  • Priorités

    Discover the large-format mural that Bublegum made in Paris