Blog: Custom Graffiti & Urban Art News - BublegumSR

  • Dazzling

    Discover my first mural of the year.
  • Cherry Cake

    Discover the new Bublegum mural in Barcelona
  • Full moon in houston

    Bublegum Travels to Houston to Paint at the Big Walls Big Dreams Festival

    Commissioned for the town hall of Sant Pere de Ribes seeking to raise awareness of the effects of war, especially on children.

    Discover the entire mural I made with this great artist.

    Discover the collaboration between Buble and the uk based artist Mark Worst
  • August Murals

    The pieces that Bublegum has done lately.
  • Cream Caramel

    Bublegum's new portrait-letters combo
  • MX Arts Tour

    My new mural in green French Brittany
  • Priorités

    Discover the large-format mural that Bublegum made in Paris
  • Piece & Girl Progression

    See the progress of my girl and piece combos from 2012 to the present.

  • Inside the root

    Discover the custom root that Bublegum has made for the project “One root One artist”